If you need a professional representing you who understands what you have experienced, and how to deal with the self-defense legal issues that you may confrontJim Fleming is that attorney.

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Representing innocent citizens forced to defend themselves against a violent attack is a relatively rare occurrence for most defense attorneys. However, laws permitting citizens to carry firearms, combined with more Americans accepting responsibility for their own protection, allow the prediction that incidents of legitimate self-defense will increase in the future.


Once you have prevailed in a fight

 for your life, the battle may just

be beginning. Criminal charges

may be filed against you.

Civil lawsuits may be brought seeking damages for injuries or death resulting from your use of deadly force.
At a time like this, you need

a professional representing you

who understands what you have experienced, and how to deal

with the legal issues that you now confront. You should select your self-defense attorney in advance of ever needing the legal services.

Minnesota Self-Defense Attorney

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Attorney Jim Fleming • Office: 763-291-4011


Serving clients with legal representation in Wright County, Sherburne County, Stearns County, Anoka County, Ramsey County, the Minneapolis area of Hennepin County and greater Minnesota.

Why seek legal advice and counsel from attorney, Jim Fleming?

Attorneys hired to represent innocent defenders must understand the legal justifications for using force in self-defense, the dynamics of violent attacks, and defenses against such attacks, along with many related issues such as firearms, ballistics, crime scene investigation and forensic pathology. Jim Fleming has practiced as a criminal defense attorney for over 34 plus years. He has conducted over 250 jury trials involving a wide array of major felonies including First Degree Murder and self-defense cases. More importantly, his understanding of self-defense issues is unparalleled among Minnesota defense attorneys; and, for good reason. Jim has been an NRA and Minnesota certified firearms self-defense trainer for over a decade, operating his own training company, Mid-Minnesota Self-Defense. He has graduated from some of the most prestigious firearms self-defense schools in the country, including LFI-1, and MAG 80. He is a member of, affiliate attorney of and serves on the national Board of Advisors of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. As an attorney, Jim Fleming serves as an affiliate attorney for the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Assoc.). He instructs other attorneys nationwide on how to represent criminally charged defenders through the Continuing Legal Education seminars and has served as an expert witness for attorneys. Jim has served as a legal consultant for attorneys representing clients in self-defense cases and has authored numerous articles in national publications on a variety of firearm, self-defense and legal issues relating to self-defense. Jim Fleming has also become a featured speaker at the annual "Gun Law Conference" in Chehalis, Washington along with other nationally recognized presenters including Massad Ayoob and Alexis Artwohl.

Attorney Jim Fleming has authored a book titled, "AFTERMATH: Lessons In Self-Defense – "What To Expect When the Shooting Stops."(Book cover shown at left) The book is available in both digital and print formats andcan be ordered through Amazon.

Listen to a short Podcast interview with author, Jim Fleming as he talks about the book.


Forward by Massad Ayoob – Immediate Aftermath (Maintaining Safety and Security) – Contacting Law Enforcement – Maintaining Crime Scene Integrity –  Contacting Legal Counsel – Physiological and Psychological Issues - Dealing With the Police – Arrest, Custody and Charging – Dealing With Family, Friends and Acquaintances – Dealing With the Media – Working With Legal Counsel – The Criminal Process – Potential Civil Consequences – Conclusions – Notes

Attorney Jim Fleming was a contributing author to a book edited by Massad Ayoob titled, "Straight Talk On Armed Defense – What the Experts Want You To Know. This book is available through Amazon. Attorney Jim Fleming was asked to write Chapter 11 of this book: The Criminal Trial.