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Mid-Minnesota Self-DefenseA Minnesota based self-defense handgun instruction and firearms training company for the serious minded shooter. Classes include those that qualify for application of a Minnesota Permit Carry as well as advanced levels for self-defense shooting and women only self-defense training. As lead instructor, Jim Fleming owns and operate the self-defense training company based out of Monticello, Minnesota. He also provides instruction to certified firearms instructors seeking to learn more about Minnesota Gun Law Education.

Published articles on self-defense issues written by Jim Fleming:
​​        "What You Don't Say Can Hurt You – Miranda" – published in Concealed Carry magazine January 2015
       "Disparity of Force" – published in Concealed Carry magazine May 18, 2012
​        "The Big Bang Theory" – published in Concealed Carry magazine November 11, 2011
​        "A Frightening Truth" – published in Concealed Carry magazine May/June, 2011
       "How To Find the Right Attorney"– published in Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network Journal, 2013
        "Wanted: Convictions At Any Price"– published in Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network Journal, 2012
         "Attorney Outlines Aftermath Issues In Book" – published in Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network Journal, 2014
        "The Legal Aftermath of Defense As Road Rage" – published in Armed Citiznes Legal Defense Network Journal 2016

Published Books by Jim Fleming
AFTERMATH: Lessons In Self-Defense– What To Expect When the Shooting Stops (Published March 2015). Available for purchase in paperback or e-version for Kindle and iPad at the Amazon website.
The Second Amendment and the American Gun – Evolution and Development of a Right Under Siege (Published August 2016). Available for purchase in paperback or e-version, Kindle or iPad at the Amazon website.
Straight Talk On Armed Defense: What the Experts Want You To Know – Edited by Massad Ayoob. Jim Fleming was asked to write the Chapter dealing with the criminal trial as it relates to self-defense cases.

FLEMING LAW OFFICES, P.A. – Attorney Jim Fleming P.O. BOX 1569, Monticello, MN 55362 Office: 763-295-4011

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When not practicing law, Jim enjoys riding his Harley, fly fishing, lake and river fishing, and waterfowl, upland game bird and deer hunting. He enjoys time spent in the kitchen cooking wild game and fish, as well other recipe favorites. He's even been known to bake a few pies and will do some canning with items from the vegetable garden. Jim's interests and hobbies also include membership inStreet Legal Motorcycle Club

  Attorney, Jim Fleming is an   

 experienced presenter and speaker,   

 firearms trainer and avid writer.


    When not practicing law, you will find Jim

    providing MN Gun Law Educational training,

    hired as a consultant to other attorneys that

    request assistance in firearms related cases,

    speaking at self-defense seminars in classroom 

    settings or at the range with live fire instruction, 

    or presenting as lead instructor for self-defense

    firearms students through his training company

    Mid-Minnesota Self-Defense. Very often he is at

    the keyboard typing his opinions with posts 

    online on various Facebook groups or researching 

    and developing articles for submission to various

    publications including "Concealed Carry"

    magazine.  Read the articles listed here >>


Self-Defense Viewpoints – Written by Jim Fleming, "Pleading the Fifth" – do you know what it really means?" Talking points for what “not” to say to the police in the aftermath of a self-defense shooting. Blog: Second Amendment Viewpoints – Blog written by Jim Fleming with articles focused on the studies on the American Second Amendment Discussion of the origins, intent and developments of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.