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Criminal Defense

Both Felony and Misdemeanor


Representing clients that have become involved with the criminal justice system, usually as a result of being charged by some prosecutorial agency with the commission of a crime, may involve a wide variety of tasks.

Attorneys who practice criminal defense law very often find themselves involved with the following types of cases: controlled substance crimes, alcohol related driving offenses, firearm related charges, conspiracy and white collar cases, internet pornography, sex-related crimes, homicides, including intentional murders, negligent homicides and motor vehicle homicides, assaults, including domestic assault and other domestic-based crimes, burglaries, theft, embezzlement, fraud, and other property-related crimes.

Over the course more than 34 years of criminal defense practice, Jim Fleming has been involved in criminal cases ranging from first degree murder and attempted murders, motor vehicle homicide, criminal sexual conduct, drug cases, internet pornography, self-defense deadly force cases, burglaries, forgeries, thefts, armed robberies, alcohol related driving offenses, assault and domestic assault crimes and many other theft, or property related crimes.

Many of these cases have been resolved successfully by trials. Many of them have been resolved in a favorable way for the client through the use of negotiated pleas offering lesser penalties or pleas to reduced charges carrying less severe consequences.

The primary responsibility of the criminal defense lawyer is to educate himself on the law and facts surrounding a client’s case, and to communicate effectively with the client and the prosecutor concerning those issues. No lawyer can guarantee that a particular case or client will have a "win" through absolute acquittal at trial. But an effective advocate can provide great assistance for any client in obtaining the most favorable outcome possible given the circumstances that develop prior to the attorney’s involvement in the case.

Jim Fleming has a proven track record of providing that kind of representation for literally hundreds of clients. He has a solid reputation for legal knowledge, superior trial skills, unwavering honesty in dealing with clients, opposing attorneys and the courts, and dedication to doing exhaustive investigation and research into the client’s defense.

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     Criminal defense cases

     typically involve the

     following types of issues:

     • Search and seizure issues

     • Probable cause challenges

     • Legality of automobile stops

     • Illegally obtained confessions

     • Pre-trial release issue

     • Pre-trial investigation and

       witness interviews


     • Crime scene examinations and

       review of forensic investigations


    • Trial preparation and conducting

      of criminal trials

    • Plea negotiations with prosecutors

    • Exploration of treatment options

       as an alternative to incarceration