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Client Comments

What others have to say about

Jim Fleming, Attorney at Law:

Read the following client comments about representation from

FLEMING LAW OFFICES, located in Monticello, Minnesota.

Although innocent, I was accused of an embarrassing crime by two women I had never seen before. A conviction would have ruined my professional career. I hired Jim Fleming after meeting him for the first time. He did not talk about himself and his qualifications to handle my case. He talked about my case and his quiet confidence made me feel better almost instantly. When the prosecution refused to budge, we went to trial, where I watched a truly skillful lawyer communicate with a jury of people who didn’t know me. After two days, I was acquitted in twenty-seven minutes. I owe Jim Fleming my life. – TEK

I was accused by my employer of embezzling money from a company. This was not only embarrassing, but it threatened my professional licensure as well. I hired Jim Fleming based up references from a number of his former clients that I know. This was a complicated matter, but he calmly worked, investigating all the facts and accusations. At trial, he laid out all the accusations and the evidence of my innocence in ways the jury could easily understand. I was quickly acquitted, and after the trial jurors came out to me outside the courtroom and hugged me. – LAJ

I was accused by my fiance’s mother of sexually abusing my fiance’s children. I was stunned, and scared and did not know what to do. I was referred to attorney Jim Fleming. Jim took my case and investigated every aspect of the allegations. He found so many discrepancies in the stories that were being told that he was able to convince the prosecutors that had charged me to dismiss the case. He saved my life. – RJJ

I was accused of first degree murder in the death of a young man that I never knew, who died over twenty-five years ago. I was thrown in jail with a huge bail that I could not pay. I was scared, bewildered and lost. My wife hired Jim Fleming who came to me and calmed me down. I spent months in jail while Jim tenaciously investigated my case. Almost a year after I was accused, we went to trial. The trial took almost two weeks, I watched Jim methodically tear apart the accusations against me and in the end, the jury, angry over what they realized had happened to me in the way of false accusations and manufactured evidence, found me not guilty of all charges in seventeen minutes of deliberations. I literally owe Jim Fleming my life. – MMR


   Client referrals are evidence of a job well done .

   If you need legal help, you'll want to work

  with someone you can trust.

    At FLEMING LAW OFFICES our clients trust our work and rely

    on us to provide a successful outcome of their case. We receive

    a significant portion of our case load through referrals from both

    our own clients as well as other attorneys. 

    There are numerous reasons why others feel confident when

    referring clients to us.

    • Attorney Jim Fleming has 34 plus years of experience

      as a trial attorney.

    • We have access to a network of resources including   

      experts in a variety of fields not only in Minnesota as well

      as across the nation.

    •  Our reputation for taking cases to trial and winning

       allows us to maximize the value of each case.

    • Jim Fleming is highly skilled at negotiating and

       understands the court atmosphere where he practices

       most often including Wright County and Sherburne

       County. He is licensed to practice anywhere in Minnesota

       and often has cases in Stearns, Benton and Hennepin

       County as well as out-state locations.

    • Often, we know the other side in a case and they know us.

      We reach full and fair settlements because of our

      reputation and our history of success in court.

    • We are proud of the longstanding relationships we have

      developed with our clients in addition to a variety of law

      firms located in Minnesota.

    • Attorney Jim Fleming has often been referred cases that

      relate to self-defense shootings, criminal law and real

      estate and business transactions.